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New Music: Dot Rotten - 'Machine Guns'

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New Music: Dot Rotten - 'Machine Guns'


Dot Rotten has a lot to get off his chest about the state of the young community, and pours it out all over 'Machine Guns.'

The heavyweight MC debuted the track online on his Twitter page last night during a studio session where he was busy laying down tracks.

Dot hopes for a day when youths stop killing each other on the streets, and addresses the issue saying: "Everybody's hard and nobody's soft now, we're used to rolling with machine guns on the block now," and "Everyday there's a tragedy, five gunshots four casulties."

'Machine Guns' follows on from Dot's feature on 'Speeding By' with Mz Bratt.

Listen to 'Machine Guns' below...

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