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Alicia Keys Reveals Baby Egypt Has Same Trainers As His Daddy Swizz Beatz

This boy is going to have style!

By CJ Rutter on Monday 1st August 2011 Photo by Splash News

Alicia Keys has revealed that her baby son Egypt wears trainers like his dad, Swizz Beatz.

The nine-month-old baby has a good collection of shoes, especially as his father has 'Brought Back Reebok' with his Reethym of Life collection with Reebok.

At the Reebok Classics and Swizz Beatz Reethym of Life event in New York, Keys told People magazine: "He's so cute. And you know his daddy always wants him in the cutest, most adorable sneakers."

While her husband Swizz added: "He's got sneakers already. Same thing I wear, you know, like father, like son."

Aah that baby is so cute!

Check out the family day out...


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