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PHOTO: Is This Kelly Rowland's Boyfriend?

It might be her friend with benefits...


PHOTO: Is This Kelly Rowland's Boyfriend?

Photo: Splash News

Kelly Rowland was pictured with a huge smile on her face as she cruised around Beverly Hills yesterday, and it might have something do with the man sitting next to her.

Rumours are circulating that Rowland's "special friend" that she mentioned is her rumoured boyfriend Tim Weatherspoon, who has worked on a number of Michelle Williams' tracks.

Recently Rowland teased that she had a sex buddy during her interview with The Mirror.

The 30-year-old said: “I’m actually single, but you know you have your little things on the side. There’s nobody I’m dating, but I have a special friend.”

The couple were spotted together at Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills earlier this week...

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