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Suge Knight Fire Shots At P.Diddy After Being Sentenced To Three Years Probation!

Fighting words...

By Alicia Adejobi on Monday 22nd August 2011 Photo by Reggie Collier / WENN

Suge Knight has fired shots at P Diddy for not standing by Tupac, just as he was sentenced to three years probation.

The rap mogul must be on good behaviour for three years, after pleading no contest to a driving license violation. He must now serve unsupervised probation until 2014.

Possibly as a way of unleashing his anger at the verdict, Suge used an interview opportunity to call out P Diddy, claiming that he wasn't a friend to Tupac. "A lot of these dudes say they love 'Pac, but at the same time they be doing s**t like Bucky, I mean Puffy, whatever it is... Once now all of the truth comes out on all the people who did 'Pac wrong, we still gotta be back on that mission."

While we wait for a response from Diddy, Suge says he will be back making a comeback in the music industry, announcing that he is working on a number of documentaries.

Do you agree with Suge on the Diddy situation?

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