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Kelly Rowland Fired Mathew Knowles As Manager To Get 'Power' Back

Felt too controlled!


Kelly Rowland Fired Mathew Knowles As Manager To Get 'Power' Back


Kelly Rowland says that she cut ties with Mathew Knowles because she needed to regain "power" over her career.

Mathew managed Kelly thorughout her Destiny's Child era and part of her solo career, but she decided to go it alone as she felt suffocated. Speaking about the separation to Vibe magazine, Kelly said: "It was just a feeling of growing and wanting to call my own shots. That was it. I thank Mathew for everything he's done for me."

"But I needed to be selfish for a minute. I had to reclaim my power."

Kelly also touched on rumours of a feud with her former bandmates Beyonce and Michelle Williams, insisting that they are close friends. "They want me to say that I can't stand Michelle. That I can't stand Beyonce. But that's not the case. It's real love. Sorry, it's a boring story."

Do you think Kelly's career is better with or without Mathew managing?

Kelly Rowland has nip-slip on stage...


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