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Christina Aguilera Threatens Legal Action After Child Abuse Report

After son Max gets seriously bruised eyes...


Christina Aguilera Threatens Legal Action After Child Abuse Report

Photo: Splash News

Christina Aguilera is considering taking legal action against a celebrity gossip site that suggested that her son Max was a victim of child abuse.

Pictures that emerged yesterday of the three-year-old showed him with heavy black eyes, while Aguilera tried to shield him from the prying paparazzi at the airport.

The site published the pictures on its site with the headline: "CHILD ABUSE???? CHRISTINA AGUILERA'S SON IS PHOTO'D WITH A BLACK EYE!!!"

After the 36-year-old singer got wind of the report, she set her legal team on the case and now her lawyer Eric Greenspan branded the report as "reckless and unconsciousable".

In a letter to the site, the lawyer said: "Christina is a wonderful mother and was not present in the park when Max fell and hurt himself.

"To imply that she had something to do with this incident, without any investigation on your part whatsoever, is reckless and unconscionable."

The letter continued: "...We reserve all our client's legal and equitable remedies for this reputable disparagement of our client's character."

Before he signed the letter: "HAVE YOU NO SHAME!!!!"

Christina is currently on vacation with her son Max in Hawaii and her boyfriend of eight months Matt Rutler.

Check out the pictures of Max and Christina Aguilera...


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