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Lil Wayne's 'How To Love' Music Video Scenes Are 'Harsh'

Says director...


Lil Wayne's 'How To Love' Music Video Scenes Are 'Harsh'

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Lil Wayne's new music video is definitely though provoking and the 'How To Love' director has said that some of the scenes were "harsh" but also "necessary".

Weezy's new video tells a tragic story of an abused mother, whose child is subjected to sexual abuse and then grows up as a stripper who is later diagnosed with HIV.

It then switches to show an alternative story of a more positive life when the mother chooses to take a different path and leave her abusive boyfreind.

Chris Robinson was the man behind the camera and directed the clip, in a interview with MTV US, the director reveals that it was a story that Weezy specifically wanted to tell.

"I have a daughter, Wayne has a daughter, and he really wanted to tell the story," he explained. "We were talking about statistics of abuse in our community. We were talking about really telling this story for every young woman in the world."

In one scene a young girl is seen with pigtails as she tries to fight off her adult sex attacker, while her mother is passed out. Describing how it was hard for the whole set, Robinson said: "That was a harsh scene; it was difficult for us to shoot. It was necessary, because these are the things that happen in real life. And you can see the trajectory of where that took her."

The main driving feature for the promo was that Weezy's thoughts were transcribed in the video and his appearance in the video.

The director said: "Speaking to Wayne, his performance, actually seeing him, was secondary to him. He really wanted to communicate what his thought was, what he really felt when he wrote these lyrics, and that was the priority for us."

Robinson made sure that some of Weezy's most important lines were delivered at the same time as the story was told.

"For me, I think Wayne's performance, we really showed him when he said these poignant lines, things that really connected," he said. "The concept is more a narrative. It's a story about two paths in someone's life and how one small choice that you make can affect your whole life."

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