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Calvin Harris And Chris Brown Are 'Best Mates' After Track Feud

They've made up...


Calvin Harris And Chris Brown Are 'Best Mates' After Track Feud

Photo: Splash News

Chris Brown and Calvin Harris are like "best mates" since they made up after a feud following the DJ's accusations that the R&B singer stole one of his tracks.

Harris tweeted that he was shocked that Breezy had pretty much ripped off his track for the hit single 'Yeah 3x'.

The British DJ tweeted: "Choked on my cornflakes when I heard new Chris Brown single this morning."

Following more details, Harris also tweeted that he had been receiving some abuse from the R&B singer's fans.

"Because Chris Brown is an international celebrity doesn't make it OK to rip off a guy from UK not many people have heard of," he wrote.

After revealing that he wouldn't want to pursue legal action against the singer and also re-posted links between the single and 'Yeah 3x'. But following the dispute, Breezy got in touch with the DJ.

Ina  recent interview, BBC reports that Harris said: "He phoned me up. He was gutted about the whole situation. Once he heard the original he was like, 'Wow. OK,' and sorted it out. He gave me half that track."

He also added:  "He released 'Beautiful People' and now I just love him 'cos that is a tune. We're fine. We're great. Chris Brown's like my best mate now."


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