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Joe Budden & Tahiry Jose In Twitter Beef After He Denies Marriage Proposal

Says it ain't true...

By Alicia Adejobi on Monday 19th September 2011 Photo by Dominic Chan/ WENN.com

Joe Budden has denied proposing to his ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose, depsite the model claiming so last week.

Upon seeing Tahiry's tweets claiming that he had asked her to marry him, Joe took to his own Twitter to set the record straight. "Since I got a bunch of comedians in my timeline, lemme help yall out," he wrote.

"I never proposed to Tahiry, I'm not engaged to nor am I thinking about Tahiry, I wish her well, but that's my past & will remain that way."

Talking to Tahiry directly, he adds: "@TheRealTahiry I know what happened... U was in there with that Mutty, dirty lookin n**ga & I said you can do better... Not marry me n**ga, lol."

However, Tahiry clearly did not take this well and lashed back at Joe through a series of tweets. "And the clown show begins... @joebudden... lmfao, next time u pop up at my door step I'm going to call the cops. Enough is enough u f**king liar," she wrote.

Another tweet read: "Tweeps think what yall want to... Me and that n**ga know how it went down. @joebudden and the disrespect ends here. Imma handle this. Rock out Joe. Such a shame."

Who do you believe?

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