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Jessie J: 'Injured Foot Makes Me Feel Like A Broken Super Hero'

Erm... explain...


Jessie J: 'Injured Foot Makes Me Feel Like A Broken Super Hero'

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Jessie J has opened up about her serious foot injury, saying that she feels like a "broken super hero."

The singer suffered a nasty fall back in July when she was on stage rehearsing for a gig, and - in addition to pulling out of most of her scheduled gigs over the summer - has had to cancel her appearance on Katy Perry's tour in November. 

Jessie has opened up to MTV News about the extent of which her broken foot has effected her. "It's really tough... I almost feel a bit like a broken super hero; it's like you kind of want to go out and take the world by storm, and my heels are my comfort blanket, and to know that I may never wear them again really breaks my heart."

Always one to look on the bright side, she said: "So you know, everything happens for a reason - I can still sing, I still have an amazing fanbase, I've still been nominated for incredible awards... If I can't wear heels, then that's a very small, minor thing in the prospect of what's going to happen in my life."

Jessie J attends Jason Derulo's album launch party in London...


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