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Jermaine Jackson: 'I Didn't Get Good Vibes From Conrad Murray'

Thought he was shady...


Jermaine Jackson: 'I Didn't Get Good Vibes From Conrad Murray'

Photo: Josiah True/

Jermaine Jackson reveals that he did not get "good vibes" from Dr. Conrad Murray the first time he met him as he thought he was "shady."

The doctor is on trial with a charge of involuntary manslaughter for the death of Michael Jackson and Jermaine shares what he thinks of the man involved with the passing of his brother. "The first time I saw Conrad Murray was in the hospital when Michael passed," he told the BBC.

"His behaviour wasn't normal he looked very shady. It was just a nightmare during that time."

Jermaine and his family sat in court yesterday for the first day of the trial and heard evidence from Kenny Ortega who was the choreographer on Michael's This Is It tour. Speaking about the symptoms Michael supposedly suffered from during the rehearsals for this concert, Jermaine said: "Of his body being hot on one side and cold on the other, him not knowing right from left and repeating himself and being very frail and weak."

"These were signs of Propofol being put in him constantly, all the time."

Michael Jackson's family show strain as they leave Dr. Conrad Murray's trial...


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