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Janet Jackson Labelled Illuminati Member After Wearing Symbol To Conrad Murray Trial

Spotted on way to trial......

By Samson Pharaoh on Friday 30th September 2011 Photo by Suntzulynn for LE / Splash News

Janet Jackson has been labelled as a member of the Illuminati after wearing an ‘Eye’ pendant – a symbol of the sect – around her neck on the way to court for the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.

The Jackson family were photographed leaving court on Day 2 of the trial where the 45-year-old was seen with the piece of Jewellery resting on her chest.

The illuminati are a supposed powerful secretive sect, and many public figures have been accused of pushing the group’s agenda via pop memorabilia such as music videos over the years.

Some stars have been reported to include hidden messages within the depths of their musical content in an attempt to control the masses.

There has been no comment from the Jackson family regarding any involvement with the sect.

Michael Jackson's Family Show Strain As They Leave Dr. Conrad Murray Trial...


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