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Beef On 'The View' Panel As Sherri Shepherd Scorns Barbara Walters For Using The 'N-Word'

Offended by use of word..


Beef On 'The View' Panel As Sherri Shepherd Scorns Barbara Walters For Using The 'N-Word'

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A disagreement ensued on The View talk show yesterday when lead host Barbara Walters used the 'N-Word,' angering co-host Sherri Shepherd.

The drama began when the ladies discussed a hunting camp used by a Republican candidate and which bore the name "N**gahead." Whoopi Goldberg first used the 'N-Word' in full, but said it was because she was not sure if it would anger anyone. "It's so hard to know what to say now so I just say the word," Whoopi justified.

Barbara then chimed in and gave her opinion saying: "It's very hard for me to say [the N-Word]. It gives me chills." Her use of the word appeared to anger Sherri who interrupted with: "When I heard [Whoopi] say it, it was fine. You said it in a different way. When I heard [Barbara] say it, you say (inaudible). And I don't like (inaudible)."

She continued: "I don't know if it's a semantics thing, but it's something that goes through my body."

When Barbara asked if it is because she is white, Sherri replied: "It's something about hearing you say it... I don't like it when you use the word... When you say it it's a different connotation... When white people say it, it brings up feelings in me."

Barbara, clearly taken aback by Sherri's outburst, said: "I never knew you felt this way and I find it just amazing."

Who do you agree with?

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