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Biggest Celebrity Endorsements!

Racking In The Cash...

By Kelly-Mae Mahoney on Tuesday 20th March 2012 Photo by PNP/WENN.com

It was announced earlier today that Nicki Minaj has signed a multi-million dollar deal with Pepsi to become the face of their new drink.

The new endorsement is sure to propel Nicki to even bigger stardom than she has already experienced - in addition to making her bank balance incredibly bigger.

Nicki isn't the only celebrity to sign a huge endorsement deal.

Stars like 50-Cent, Rihanna, Beyonce and P. Diddy have managed to make more money promoting brands such as Pepsi and Nike rather than doing what they do best.

Endorsements are a way for celebrities to make some extra cash, but they do more harm than good.

TaleTela has managed to combine a gallery filled with this years top earning celebrity endorsements.

Biggest Celebrity Endorsements...


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