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Alexandra Burke Reveals 'Horrendous' Details Of Domestic Violence

Abused by ex-boyfriend...

By Alicia Adejobi on Saturday 26th November 2011 Photo by wenn.com

Alexandra Burke has revealed that she was a victim of domestic violence, suffering abuse at the hands of her ex-boyfriend.

The 'All Night Long' singer has spoken candidly for the first time about her "horrendous" relationship in which she was repeatedly beaten when she was a teenager. "It was horrendous. I couldn't talk about it," she told The Mirror.

"That's the whole point of domestic violence, you don't speak about what you're going through - you don't have the confidence to. I remember one day when he went to hit me one more time and I decided that was it. I was out of the door in my pyjamas and left, gone," she continued.

While she was unable to talk about her traumatic experience at the time, Alex now wants to help others who may be going through the same thing. "God's blessed me to be able to have a voice and I don't mean in a singing way. If I start talking on Twitter or Facebook about domestic violence and what you can do to stop it, then I'm lucky I'll be heard."

Alex recently used her experiences to help a Comic Relief-funded domestic abuse charity in Uganda.

Alexandra Burke pours curves into unflattering catsuit during performance...


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