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Whitney Houston's Coroner Receiving Phonecalls From 'Relatives' Demanding Murder Investigation

Will It Ever End?

By Kelly-Mae Mahoney on Tuesday 6th March 2012 Photo by Adriana M. Barraza / WENN

An L.A. County Coroner has received phonecalls and emails from people claiming to be relatives of Whitney Houston demanding a murder investigation.

According to TMZ, several calls have been made to the Coroner investigating Houston's death, along with a string of emails all claiming to be relatives of both Whitney and Bobby.

One anonymous caller offered details about a theory that Whitney was murdered by one of her relatives, but was unable back it up with any proof.

From one of the emails, another 'relative' claims to have information supporting their murder theory and that her death was not accidental.

While the Coroner and the Police have already stated that there were no signs or suspicions of foul play, details from the post-mortem are yet to be released and will take up to a further two weeks.

An official from the Coroner's office, said an there is an ongoing investigation into the matter.

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